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General Terms and Conditions

1. Scope

The following General Terms and Conditions, in the version applicable at the time of order, exclusively apply to the business relationship between Parkresort Rheinfelden Holding AG, Bad Rheinfelden AG, Salina Medizin AG and Park-Hotel am Rhein AG (hereinafter referred to as PRRHAG), and the customer. PRRHAG does not recognise deviating terms and conditions of the customer unless PRRHAG had expressly agreed to their validity in writing.

The contractual partner, service provider and user of these General Terms and Conditions is

Parkresort Rheinfelden Holding AG
Roberstenstrasse 31
4310 Rheinfelden
Tel. 0041 61 836 66 11
Fax 0041 61 836 66 12
E-Mail info@parkresort.ch

2. Conclusion of contract

Each purchase order constitutes an offer to PRRHAG to conclude a contract. An order confirmation that confirms receipt of your order and lists the details, is not acceptance of your offer but advises you that your order has been received by PRRHAG. A contract is concluded only when PRRHAG accepts your order by supplying the goods.

3. Orders/delivery

All orders are binding. Postal orders are always processed within two working days and are sent by first-class post. Working days are Monday to Friday.
A postal order within Switzerland will incur an additional shipping/processing fee of CHF 7.50 per gift voucher order and CHF 10.00 per order of accessories by parcel shipment. Deliveries to other European countries can only be made for gift vouchers (not for accessories). A postage/processing fee of CHF 10 is levied for this.
The purchaser asserts that the complete and correct address has been given. The purchaser shall bear any additional dispatch costs, such as the cost of reposting, arising from erroneous or missing address data.

4. Reservations/appointments

Reservations of services (e.g. massages, packages etc.) are binding. The service provided by PRRHAG is provided at a charge irrespective of whether the customer reserving the service has made use of it. However, the customer is entitled to cancel the reserved service by cancelling in advance by telephone +41 (0)61 836 67 63.
Cancellations need to be made at least 24 hours before the reserved appointment, otherwise 50% of the service fee will be charged. Failure to appear will incur the full charge of the service.

5. Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers are valid in accordance with the statutory regulations outlined in Articles 127 and 128 of the Swiss Code of Obligations (generally 10 years).
Services purchased with the gift voucher are guaranteed at the purchase price within one year from the date of issue stamped on the voucher. A cash repayment is generally not possible.
If a gift voucher is redeemed after that date, an additional charge may be due as a result of a general price increase. Vouchers purchased during special promotions (e.g. christmas special, monthly deal, etc.) may also be subject to a surcharge from one year after purchase (see date of issue on the voucher). The amount of the additional charge is the difference between the purchase price at the time the gift voucher was purchased and the applicable purchase price at the time of redemption.
If, at the time of redemption of a gift voucher we no longer provide the purchased service, we will convert the service gift voucher into a gift voucher for the value of that service.
The equivalent amount of the gift voucher can be used for any other service. If the equivalent amount of the gift voucher is lower than the price for the service selected or good to be purchased, then the value of the gift voucher goes towards paying for the good or service. If the equivalent amount of the gift voucher is larger than the price for the service selected or the good to be purchased, then the remaining equivalent amount of the gift voucher, under CHF 5.00, is paid out if the customer wishes. If the equivalent value is greater than CHF 5.00 then it will be transferred to a new gift voucher upon request.

6. Price information

All prices are quoted in Swiss francs and include statutory VAT. The prices given are subject to change.

7. Payment

We provide two payment methods: credit card and PostFinance e-finance.

7.1. Credit card

The payment is debited when paying by credit card. ‘Parkresort Rheinfelden’ will appear on your credit card statement. The data sent to and from the Parkresort Rheinfelden Online Shop is encrypted and transmitted in accordance with the latest security standards.

7.2. PostFinance E-finance

As a customer of PostFinance, you can pay by e-finance in the Parkresort Online shop. Identification is via the e-finance security system.

7.3. Payment when reserving services

When reserving services via the online shop you can only pay by credit card or PostFinance E-finance.

8. Reservation of ownership

1. The delivered goods remain the property of PRRHAG until the purchase price has been paid in full. Ownership is transferred to the customer only when the entire liability to PRRHAG resulting from the service is fulfilled.
2. In the event of reselling the reserved service, the customer then assigns the claims resulting from this sale to PRRHAG.  The assigned claims serve as security for the goods sold by PRRHAG. If the purchaser resells the goods of the purchaser together with other goods that do not belong to PRRHAG, the assignment only applies to the value of the relevant Parkresort goods according to PRRHAG's invoice.

9. Warranty terms

1. If the purchased goods are defective, statutory provisions apply. Insofar as the purchaser is a consumer, they are obliged to advise PRRHAG in writing of any defects of quality and title within two weeks of establishing the defect. If the customer breaches this obligation to give notice of defects, they are obliged to compensate PRRHAG for any damages incurred. This regulation does not constitute a cut-off period for the purchaser's warranty rights.
2. PRRHAG is only liable for damages that have been caused by intentional or grossly negligent acts by PRRHAG.

10. Data protection

Information on Parkresort's data protection policy can be found in the data protection notice.

11. Place of jurisdiction

The place of jurisdiction is Rheinfelden, Switzerland